French doors

A French door is the most popular choice for letting extra light into your home as well as giving easy access to your decking or garden.

But with so many low security systems available it has also become increasingly popular with burglars. You only have to consider that many can be opened in seconds with an ordinary garden spade in the wrong hands, and you will see just how vulnerable your home could be.

French door

No such worries with our six point hook lock anti jemmy doors. Every one is not only as secure as our residential doors, but the fully locking function ensures you have peace of mind.

Naturally, you still have the same extensive choice of styles and finishes as you have with any of our products, giving you all the stylish looks, durability, weather resistance and low maintenance of modern, top quality PVC-U.

Our French doors are fitted with toughened glass as standard, for safety reasons as well as security.